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 Gabriela Llamas


August 2021

Dear Cook Families,

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year.  I’m excited to begin my 10th year in Chula Vista Elementary School District and my 7th year as Principal of Cook Elementary! Go Crusaders!

These are unprecedented times that are testing us in every way possible but there is one thing that I have learned about our Cook community is that together we are stronger and we’ll continue to join our collective efforts as a staff and community to fulfill our number one priority which is to serve our Cook students.

Parents, we need you more than ever!  Your partnership in your child’s education is important and valued. We will stay in contact with you throughout the school year using a variety of resources such as phone calls, blog and facebook to name a few.  Please lean on us for support in anything that may arise through Distant Learning.  We are here to support your child’s learning and make it a successful year for all.  I encourage you to stay in contact with your child’s teacher through Class  Dojo and to let our school office know if there are changes in your phone and address.  Please join our Cook PTA.  Your membership dues fund some of our extracurricular activities and part of the money goes to our state’s PTA organization to support lobbying efforts in Sacramento which we need now more than ever. 

As always I’m available and can be reached at 619-422-8381 or [email protected]

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I’m looking forward to a wonderful and productive year!

Gabriela Llamas


Our Mission

Hazel Goes Cook School's mission is to empower students to become responsible global citizens and lifelong learners. We are committed to fostering students to become inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring participants in a diverse, multicultural, democratic society through quality education and high expectations. Our students will be prepared with the knowledge and compassion to equip them with the expertise to be globally active leaders of the 21st century.

Our Vision

The Chula Vista Elementary School District is committed to providing a successful, safe, challenging, and nurturing educational experience, while promoting the joy and importance of learning for all our children.

Our children are high-achieving innovative thinkers. They are multi-literate, self-reliant, and confident. They have a lifelong love of learning and are socially responsible citizens. The District takes pride in developing each child's full potential, while recognizing his or her uniqueness.

We value and find strength in our diversity. Learning is meaningful and relevant, connected with each child's individual needs, ethics, culture, and experiences, and is linked with the world outside the classroom.

Families, staff, and our entire community are full partners actively working in a collaborative manner for the benefit of each child's education. Together we have an investment in our District's Vision and believe a child's success equals our success. We ensure an environment in which everyone is valued and treated with dignity and respect. Everyone assumes responsibility for the success of the school community.

The entire educational community accepts the challenge of change and is motivated to acquire skills and values for a rapidly changing world. We create dynamic learning experiences by supporting and encouraging excellent teaching and the educational growth of family and staff.

The Chula Vista Elementary School District community is dedicated to instilling hope for the future so that today's children will share their vision with future generations.